My Midterm Meltdown

Posted on November 15, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Okay, I think I’m finally done with my election night eating binge and the resulting chocolate brownie hangover. I’ve wiped the sugary, sweet crumbs from the corners of my mouth, stopped my belly aching, and I’m ready to face this political new day. And while not to downplay the consequences of my caloric over indulgence, what truly has me concerned are the “weighty issues” that this nation and its elected leaders still have to tackle head-on if we are to ever get out of this miserable economic ditch we’re all in.

But I wonder are the Republicans, Democrats and now Tea Partiers in Congress up to the task? I have my doubts.

Yes, the electoral map has turned solidly scarlet with the GOP taking control of the House and nearly doing the same with the Senate. And we won’t even talk about the statehouses. To the victor go the spoils. That doesn’t mean however, that the winners have a license to start acting like churlish spoiled brats.

Watching and listening to the GOP leadership one would think that the voters handed them a mandate slam on the brakes and throw the direction of the country in reverse. With smug grins in place, they’re gleefully reading from a “to do list” topped with repealing health care and Wall Street reform, extending the Bush-era tax cuts, and most importantly—denying President Obama a second term. They might as well end their remarks with a little “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah” teasing.

And the Democrats aren’t much better. They’re kicking and screaming and promising to do whatever it takes to hold onto their toys.

It’s enough to make one go Betty Crocker, or even maybe Lizzie Borden.

Hey Congress—its jobs, jobs and more jobs!

Why does listening to our so-called political leaders bring back not so fond memories for me—long ago memories of me desperately choking the steering wheel of my car trying not to lose it as my kids fought World War III in the back seat?

I’m not proud to admit this, but there where times when I just had to pull to a stop at the side of the road and well, go Mominator. I would leap out from behind the wheel, round the car to fling open the back door with one hand as I pulled my children out with the other. With shock and bewilderment still shining in their 5- and 10-year old eyes, I would quickly hop back into the car, lock all the doors and force my children to stand on the side of the road until they returned to civility.

Hey Republicans, Democrats and Tea Partiers—no one can drive this car (nation) in the direction in needs to go with all this damn noise and fighting.

As Marco Rubio, the newly elected Republican senator from Florida said, the midterm election results were not a validation of the GOP, instead it was simply a repudiation of the status quo. Unless the Republicans come up with something other than simply bashings the Democrats, this car stays stalled on the shoulder of the road.

American enterprise is trying to drive this car forward and create jobs and economic well being, but you Congress members are making it all but impossible to do so.

Don’t make me pull to the side of the damn road.

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