Obama and Osama

Posted on May 3, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Evolution of a Presidency?

I don’t know about you, but I was shocked to learn that President Obama commenced and implemented the successful surgical strike that resulted in the capture and demise of Osama bin Laden. Since the debates with Hilary Clinton, I’ve contended, as have many, (both Democrats and Republican Members of Congress) that the President is bystander in chief. Frankly, I’m pleased to be dead wrong. Rather than Professor Obama, we can finally see Commander in Chief Obama. Instead of the passivity or inept actions of the 444 days of the Iranian Hostage Crisis that tainted Jimmy Carter’s Presidency, Obama acted in a deliberate and meticulous fashion.

Thank you to our Navy Seals, especially the spy novel style Joint Special Ops Command, (JSOC). In a rare display of national unity, both Republicans and Democrats praised Obama’s leadership. Can’t wait to see the movie!


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2 Responses to “Obama and Osama”

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I appreciate your positive comments about Pres.Obama’s actions re the killing of terrorist, Bin Laden. I feel exactly as you do regarding his finally demonstrating his Commander in Chief duties. I hope he will help our servicemen get out of Afganistan, neNt.
I would like to read the book about the navy
seals opertion and then of course. see the movie.
…Sherry Roberts…

I love surprises, however, i am not expecting to see a process of evolution continue from this bi-partisan unity. Unfortunately, i remain cynical in the belief that most Republicans are putting on their best face temporarily because it is a great moment in time of patriot zeal. I am expecting that to dissipate at any moment, as the credit will somehow go heavily back to the Bushadministration. I would also like to commend and thank the heros of this extraordinary operation…..maggi sokoloff

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