Despite Stumbles the Michele Bachmann Express Rolls On

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At any moment now I’m expecting Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Iowa) to tap into her inner Dick Nixon and declare once and for all: “I am not a flake.”

Yes, Bachmann, who announced her candidacy for this nation’s highest office in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, on Monday, has been known to make more than her share of verbal miscues. Even as she declared her candidacy she mistakenly said that the actor John Wayne was also a Waterloo native. She told a Fox News reporter that “John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.” It turns out, however, that it was John Wayne Gacy, Jr., the infamous serial killer who shares a hometown with Bachmann and not the Duke.

If that weren’t enough, the very next day following the Waterloo gaffe, Bachmann took the national airwaves to address the mistake and promptly made another. This time while appearing on Good Morning America, Bachmann, a Tea Party Republican who should know better, called John Quincy Adams one of America’s Founding Fathers. There is no denying that John Quincy Adams was a great American having being elected as the nation’s sixth President along with being a diplomat and serving in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, but it was his father, John Adams who was a Founding Father.

Apparently, because of her propensity for making misstatements, Fox News host Chris Wallace recently asked the congresswoman if she’s a flake—insinuating that her candidacy is less than serious.

While Bachmann’s string of flubs may elicit chuckles and a fair amount of ribbing in the media, believing those stumbles somehow undermine her campaign and make her less than a serious contender for the GOP nomination would be to make a mistake bigger than any attached to the congresswoman. Bachmann might stumble and bumble on the campaign trail, but her presidential express is steaming ahead at full- throttle.

A recent Des Moines Register poll of Iowa Republican voters has Bachmann in a dead heat with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the lead in that state’s nominating contest. And a recent Washington Post story has Bachmann coming in a close second to Romney in fundraising for the second quarter of 2011 when reports are filed tomorrow. A skilled fundraiser, Bachmann collected more than $13 million for her 2010 House race, the Post reported.

If you need more proof of Bachmann’s political muscle, a new Associated Press poll shows her favorability numbers climbing among Republicans. According to the AP, in May, 41 percent of Republicans held a favorable view of the Minnesota congresswoman. That percentage rose to 54 percent in the new survey. Among supporters of the Tea Party movement, her favorability climbed from 48 percent to 57 percent.

Say what you will about Bachmann’s tendency toward mistakes, there is no denying that the woman’s political IQ is extremely high.


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One Response to “Despite Stumbles the Michele Bachmann Express Rolls On”

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I think her motto should be:

I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member…

the Republican nominees are in bad shape if she is a leading contender. But again in the politics of the right, where the beliefs mean more than the candidates, she may indeed be a contender, She is not a leader in my view, lacks the basic ability to be President or a Congress person for that matter.
The Reagan Presidency demonstrated you don’t really need a President, if you have a good actor, and a good script…Bush showed you can spend all of your time inventing phony reasons to go to war, and it is good to have friends in the war business… so she could get bye, we are after all a rich, healthy country, with few natural predators…;~)

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