Staying Positive Despite Debt Ceiling Dysfunction

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“Stay Positive”, urges my son, through this debt ceiling dysfunction. “Okay, kid… I’m trying!”
Here are some of the things of which and for which I am positive… other than the kids, family and friends like you!

a. With debt ceiling done, things should begin moving in DC. We are ready.
b. “Super Committee” of 12 is the new “Appropriations Committee”. Each committee member is a “cardinal”. We recommend Immediately reaching out to those you think will be on the Super Committee, (start with Gang of Six from Senate and then make some other strategic picks, such as Ryan in the House).
c. If you are looking for federal dollars, have a look at the grants that are still flowing.
d. President Obama’s 50th birthday bash / fundraiser tonight costing $35,800 per couple is distasteful to most in the nation. Especially the folks at Merck, Borders, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Boston Scientific and Goldman Sachs, who are laying off thousands this week.
e. We are recommending that you build out your state and grass roots capabilities in the states from which the super committee members reside.
f. Also, it would be a good idea to thank your Congressmen and women for hanging in there during this tough time. (I know you don’t want to but do it anyway!)
g. This is a game changer! So put your boxing gloves back on!
h. President Obama needs to sign up for Chester Karrass’ Negotiating Classes…

We are also thrilled about the following…

Former Rep. Harry Teague of New Mexico is now officially signed on with Turner GPA as a consultant! Harry will provide Turner GPA with expertise in alternative energy, as well as traditional oil and gas. We are absolutely thrilled to have him and we are sure you will enjoy working with him too!
We are thrilled to be building an extensive state network of government affairs experts. More about that later, but if you have worked with someone on the state level with whom you were happy, please refer them!

We are thrilled that On August 18th we are sponsoring an hour long webinar conversation with the brilliant and fascinating Andrea Shalal Essa, Reuters correspondent. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as aviation will be the focus of her most current research and writing. Please join me and Andrea and ask away.

Please call or email me if you have questions.

Caren Z. Turner

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