DOD Cuts

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As you are well aware, President Obama has put Defense cuts on the line in the next round of budget talks. Under the new Budget Control Act, Congress directed a Joint Committee to “provide recommendations and legislative language that will significantly improve the short-term and long-term fiscal imbalance of the Federal Government”, with the goal of reducing the deficit by $1.5 trillion over ten years. The legislation must reduce the budget deficit by at least $1.2 trillion. If the package falls short of the $1.2 trillion goal, across-the-board spending reductions would then be automatically triggered through a process called “sequestration.” Half of the triggered cuts will be in Defense.

Historically, the Defense Department has preserved force structure at the expense of the procurement and research and development accounts. Consequently, defense companies, contractors and others who supply the defense industry must act creatively and aggressively to insure that important programs do not end up on the cut list.

The key to achieving success is in using one’s political base, including a contractor’s subsidiaries and sub-contractors, to protect a company’s programs from being reduced or eliminated. This essentially entails the creation of a massive interface between effected members and their constituents leading to member interface directly with the appropriate oversight committees.   This ground level supplier based grass roots effort creates realistic linkages between local economies, jobs and critical defense programs.

Over the past 30 years, Van Fleet Associates, Inc. has successfully used this tactic to preserve programs of critical interest. While time consuming, this approach can serve as a reinforcing tool to other on going efforts or can stand alone to help influence outcomes. It has the benefit of offering an informative personal touch to members who may not be aware of the criticality of their participation and vote on a particular program. This approach fortifies and expands the relevant political base, maximizes participation, and thus improves the chances of a favorable outcome. Placing the onus on Members of Congress in taking accountability for the loss of dollars and jobs in their congressional districts or States is the only effective means of achieving success. Our current down economy makes this approach mandatory.

We would like to demonstrate how our approach will create a successful outcome for your company.  Please call me without delay at 703-836-6402 or send me an email at

Townsend A.Van Fleet
President, Van Fleet Associates, Inc.
1800 Di agonal Road, Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22314


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