Congress Abdicates Their Authority

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By Caren Turner

Just two hours ago, President Barack Obama signed the “Continuing Resolution Act 2012”. This Act will keep the government open and functioning for the next 43 days – until November 18, 2012. Yes… just 43 more days.

What does that mean??? To us, it means that governing and budgeting 45 days at a time is shameful. The 535 Members of Congress have, again, walked away from their responsibility of passing a budget for the United States. Similarly, we are concerned that the new Super Committee has left 523 Members of Congress with little to do to impact the direction of the nation. These 523 Members are also forced into abdicating much of their power and authority. I don’t think they signed up for this!

Meanwhile, the Super Committee lobbying has increased to a frenzied pace. The Defense community, particularly the Secretary of Defense, is concerned that if the Super Committee fails to reach resolution, an additional $600 billion cuts to defense will leave the US militarily vulnerable. We want to stress that these potential cuts not only impact profits of the “big boys”… it is already resulting in layoffs of union employees who work on military platforms.

What about the jobs bill you’ve asked? Well, the President simply does not have the votes. Not even from the Democrats in the Senate. Seizing on the opportunity, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged that the President’s bill come up for a vote NOW. It is the Democrats who do not want the bill to come to a vote.

Please call (202) 466-2511 if you have any questions re: how to navigate this terrain.
Caren Z. Turner

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