Denver Debate Fixation

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By Caren Z. Turner

As many as 67 – 70 million viewers tuned into the first Presidential debate of 2012. Why so many viewers  – more than any first presidential  debate since 1980?

Our answer is the people of this nation are still hurting and hurting quite a bit. Regardless of unemployment numbers coming down, or housing prices coming up, the nation is still hurting.

If the economy were growing steadily, citizens would have had the luxury of tuning into Dancing with the Stars or other distractions. With one out of four American children – or approximately  16.7 million children – living in food insecure households, the nation is looking at presidential candidates with an eye toward which one can fix the mess this nation is currently in.

Do we stay the course because things are starting to improve? Do we try something and someone new because the improvements are not occurring quickly enough? Compounding the philosophical doubts about the best direction for the nation is the tepid support each candidate has from their party faithful. Democratic members of Congress just do not like Obama. They are frustrated that he has thrown them under the bus by calling them the “do nothing Congress”. He has not campaigned with them and they have still not forgiven him for his handling of the health care legislation.

Likewise, many of the Republican members of Congress are essentially calling Romney a RHINO (Republican in Name Only) and are nervous about Romney’s debate statements that seem to tack toward the center. They are particularly concerned about Romney’s pledge to repeal only some of the Dodd Frank Act rather than all of it!

So, it seems that many, many voters will vote against one nominee rather than enthusiastically supporting the other. Now, on to the VPs debates. Any predictions?? Let us know your thoughts!

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That is a fair and balanced blog, Caren. It is disappointing that neither candidate mentioned housing. The industry accounts between 15 to 20 percent of GDP and remains one of the keys to reducing unemployment. Not a weighty campaign to say the least.

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