Optimism for Congress?

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By Caren Z. Turner

CZT Bio Photo medium resizeThe White House was swarming yesterday with teachers who met with the Administration to discuss firearms and gun issues. The stands for the inauguration are nearly completed. The fiscal cliff has been averted. Nominations for the Cabinet are being vetted.

Washington is again abuzz with activity. It’s difficult, but we are trying to remain optimistic that this year will bring renewed dedication to effective government action in Washington. Our signals that it will be a productive year? We were relieved to see a few Democrats vote against the fiscal cliff agreement. We are also relieved that some Republicans  voted against the Republican proposals. This is the only way legislation can pass. We need to celebrate those members of Congress who are courageous enough to vote in support of their beliefs!

There is (almost) nothing we like more than members of Congress who cross party lines…It doesn’t matter the issue or whether we agree with it or not!

Now we need more women appointed to the Cabinet!

Turner GPA is a leading D.C.-based national lobbying and government affairs firm dedicated to delivering cutting edge policy advocacy for the manufacturing, defense, aerospace, health and energy industries. Members of our professional policy team can be reached at (202) 466-2511. We are also on the Web at www.turnergpa.com.

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One Response to “Optimism for Congress?”

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Good post here Karen,
there is a great deal of potential in bi partisan cooperation on some basic things- transportation to reduce fuel burning, gun reform to show we do not tolerate what has been happening to our people, and especially our children.
The President spoke of pruning outmoded and out dated programs; modernizing government. Having seen the influence of money in elections, the incredible excess and potential for inundation of voters by false and misleading claims both parties should wish to cooperate on election reforms.
The great danger for failure to cooperate is that voters may increasingly feel that the only way to change Washington is to change everyone in Congress, an anti incumbent backlash, anti extremism backlash is building- voters want to see their needs reflected in the debate and actions of government. For example, five years now of Congress talking about spurring new jobs will no longer satisfy voters eager to find jobs– so many issues will be that way now, there seems to be an end to voter patience. President Obama has shown his administration is sensitive to voter sentiment and proactive on many fronts, and he will not run again. Congress clearly in the voter’s view will appear more and to be the anchor holding us down. Again, thanks for the post…hdm

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