Self Inflicted

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Self inflicted pain seems to be the order of the day in DC.  From Republicans who shut down the government only to face the wrath of their own constituents and each other (read more) to Democrats whose premature launch of their “piece de resistance,” the Affordable Care Act, led to a “miserably frustrating” debacle.  (read more)

Defending the somewhat indefensible is a tall order for congressmen and congresswomen, yet that is what they are doing at the moment…both on the ACA and on the government shut down.

Federal agencies are somewhat more functional.   For example, we are pleased the FAA is allowing most electronic devices to be used throughout flights.  The SEC unanimously voted to create rules to allow companies to buy and sell securities through crowdfunding. (read more)

The Department of Justice completed litigation against JP Morgan  and is slated to collect $13 billion in compensation.  (read more)

Our advice for navigating this?  Focus on reaching out to the federal agencies and local governments for implementation of what you need! (read more)

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One Response to “Self Inflicted”

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I dont agree that the ACA rollout was premature, The sites crashed and- one commenter said the fault lay in the registration requirement when in fact most just wanted to shop. There is too much importance placed on the beginning, we stumble blind in Gaza, but there is a righteous cause- longer life and better health.

If we can remove the insurance industry – a Republican addition- then we can have a force to drive down healthcare costs. However, early detection of disease is the best medicine we have. Our expensive medical care is that way because it fundamentally does not work well, we cant grow new limbs, we excise cancers, dont easily admit to environmental causes of many illnesses( nor change the environment willingly). Keeping healthy people healthy is much more successful than curing disease. preventable-s like some diabetes, and all smoking related conditions will save $trillions and even more, millions of lives…hdm

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